Mental health
made simple

Give your employees fast & easy access to therapy, while improving the health of your business


Why pay for perks no one uses?


Your insurance covers mental health, but if your employees can’t find a therapist, your coverage goes to waste.


Access Is Impossible


An appointment with an in-network therapist takes, on average, 10+ voicemails to different providers to schedule.

It's Hard to Ask For Help


Mental health is not easy to understand and stigma makes it hard to start. No matter what your employees are feeling, we're here to help.

Expensive For Everyone


Limited access to therapy increases stress, which causes lost productivity and leads to higher turnover, costing employers $500bn+ annually.

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Let's transform
mental health together


Top employers are already taking action. Work with us to help your employees find a great match covered by insurance.


The right care

Monday's human concierge service and matching engine, will recommend the right therapists for each individual's needs.


Avoid complicated logins or accounts. Direct employees to our portal and we'll place them with the right provider quickly.



We don't share employee information with you. Ensuring your employees are able to seek help confidentially and with discretion.

Better Access

The therapists we recommend have availability and use evidence-based approaches so your employees can feel better quicker. 


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