Why Monday?


Mondays are the worst.

Tell someone you have a ‘case of the Mondays’ and you’ll probably get a knowing smile and a nod. Everyone knows that Monday feeling, where everything just seems off. It’s normal — expected, even.

Sometimes it comes on Monday and it’s gone by Tuesday. Other times it doesn’t go away until Friday afternoon rolls around. Or maybe it never goes away, and the Mondays just start becoming days.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with it: a good workout, time with friends, pictures of baby animals. But sometimes that feeling can seem unshakeable.

For tens of millions of Americans every year, relief can be found in talk therapy. Decades of research and experience have proven that therapy is effective, with fewer side-effects and longer lasting benefits than medication alone. Many people find that it can even stop the Mondays from ever becoming a problem in the first place.

Yet the process of finding a therapist is difficult and intimidating, at the exact moment when you wish it were anything but. The perfect therapist is out there, but buried beneath layers of jargon, misinformation and plenty of people that mean well but just simply aren’t right for you.

Therapy is often compared to dating: you have to try a bunch of people out until you find the right fit. And it’s true, most people that see a therapist won’t come back for a second or third appointment. They either try someone else, or give up on therapy completely.

But we think that’s wrong. We’re on a mission to help everyone experience the benefits of therapy.

We think it should be possible to see a therapist without hours of research and phone calls just to get an appointment. We think it should be possible to find a good therapist who takes your insurance. We think it should be possible to find the right therapist for you.

So why Monday? Because we think it should be possible to have Mondays that don’t suck.

Don WuComment